Customers can choose either a regular pedicure or adding gel as an add-on

Classic Pedicure (+ Paraffin Dip)
This simple yet effective pedicure features peppermint salt soak, nail trim, filling, shaping, cuticle care, pumice bar, lavender salt scrub, mini massage, and hot towel.
Spa Starter-In-A-Box

Try this refreshing pedicure for smooth legs! This service includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle work, callus removal, and pedicure-in-a-box with 4 steps. The box features sea salt soak, sugar scrub, mud mask, and massage cream with six different fragrances to choose from.

** Choose a scent for your treatment: Collagen Chanel, Lavender, Cucumber, Milk & Honey, Orange

Getting Jiggy With It (Jelly)

Enjoy this upgrade from a regular foot soak to a wiggly and fun spa pedicure experience. (+ Paraffin Dip)

** Choose a scent for your treatment: Rose, Pearl Glow, Peppermint

Luxury Collagen Spa

This treatment is formulated to relieve stress! The natural sugars and oils boost the skin’s vibrancy, helping tone renew texture while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles and paraffin dip helps smooth dry skin, leaving the skin’s youthful beauty.

** Choose a scent for your treatment: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemon Splash, Crystal Water, No.5 Perfume

Fire And Ice (Cbd-Infused)

Our signature CBD spa treatment will chill you out and turn your aches and pains while refreshing and beautifying your feet and legs. We have extensively researched, and product tested to create the most effective CBD pedicure. After your feet are well-soaked, we will massage your legs and feet with our signature CBD pain relief cream exclusively designed for Destiny Nail Salon. Four hot stones will relieve aches and pains while delivering a delightful and warming sensation to your skin.

** Choose a scent for your treatment: 24K Gold, Spearmint, Beach Paradise, Fuji Pearl

Classic Manicure
Want a quick refresh for your hands? This manicure comes with a simple clean-up and a hand massage.
Signature Manicure
Ready for luxurious pampering for your hands? This manicure features a hand hydrating soak, lavender sugar scrub, exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle care, collagen glove, massage, oil, and polish of your choice.
Nail Enhancements
Nail Effects & Finishes - Regular

Add your magic to your nails with our finishing touches on all gel services: Chrome, Mermaid, Glitter Dust, Fairy Pixy, Hologram, Crystal Dust, Unicorn, Foil, and more.

Full Set
Regular Acrylic
Gel Acrylic
Color/ Glitter Acrylic
Liquid Gel
Tap Gel
Gel X
Ombre Acrylic
Regular Acrylic
Gel Acrylic
Color/ Glitter Acrylic
Liquid Gel
Tap Gel
Gel X
Ombre Acrylic
Dipping Powder
Dip Powder Without Manicure
Dip Powder With Tip Extensions
Dip Powder With Manicure
Dip Powder With French
Ombre Dip
Kids’ Menu
(For children 8 years old or younger)
Mini Pedicure
A Mini Pedicure includes a foot soak, nail trim, shape, cuticle care, simple clean-up, and lotion massage.
Mini Manicure
Treat your child’s hands to a beautiful manicure!
Princess Package
Mini Jelly Pedicure + Manicure
Additional Services
Nail Take-Off
Nail Repair
Nail Trim
Hot Stone
Nail Polish Change (Regular/ Gel)
Toe Polish Change (Regular/ Gel)
French Design (Regular/ Deep)
Complimentary Drinks Menu

Red wine: Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon - Pinot Noir

White wine: Pinot Grigio - Moscato - Chardonnay Mimosa